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“Every Second counts in the hour of need.” The most significant attribute of evaluation of care is its availability when required. With this motto of right service on right time and the zeal to help everyone in need of a helping hand and support, we bring forward to you, the well equipped, state of art, a small effort to save life and provide specialized services through “The Cardiac Ambulance”

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trademark registered ambulance service in delhi

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About our Mission and Vision

The Cardiac Ambulance in Delhi thrives with the ultimate motto of coming to the rescue of the patients dealing with health crises and in severe requirements of emergency services. We understand that wasting time could have serious implications on the well-being of the patients. Our Road, Air and Rail Ambulance services consist of all the major equipments and facilities needed for Critical Care.

  • We provides prompt medical help to seriously ill or Injured patients.
  • Our team consists of experienced Doctors, nurses,  and other clinical staff.
  • We keep our service and pricing policy transparent, with no hidden charges applicable.
  • We believe in honest pricing as we prefer saving life the superior most operation of all.
  • Our bed-to-bed medical care transfer facilities are incomparable
  • We are available 24 hours at your service just a call away from you.

Ambulance Service in Delhi is a restoratively prepared vehicle which transports patients to therapy offices, for example, hospitals.[1] Typically, out-of-emergency clinic clinical consideration is given to the patient.

Ambulances service Delhi are utilized to answer health related crises by crisis clinical benefits (EMS). For this reason, they are by and large furnished with glimmering advance notice lights and alarms. They can quickly move paramedics and other specialists on call for the scene, convey gear for managing crisis care and transport patients to medical clinic or other conclusive consideration. Most ambulances utilize a plan in view of vans or pickup trucks.

By and large, vehicles consider an emergency vehicle on the off chance that they can move patients. Be that as it may, it changes by purview concerning whether a non-crisis patient vehicle is considered an emergency vehicle. These vehicles are not for the most part (in spite of the fact that there are special cases) outfitted with life-support hardware, and are typically manned by staff with less capabilities than the team of crisis ambulances. Alternately, EMS offices may likewise have crisis reaction vehicles that can’t ship patients.

You ought to call 24X7 Emergency Ambulance Services in Delhi 9810224875 and request a rescue vehicle when there is a crisis, for example, when somebody:

  • is encountering a thought cardiovascular failure, or has unexplained chest torment or chest snugness
    abruptly has shortcoming, deadness or loss of motion of the face, arm or leg
  • is having breathing hardships
  • is oblivious
  • has a seizure
  • tumbles from an extraordinary level
  • has been wounded or shot
  • has a serious consume (particularly in kids)
  • has abrupt and extreme stomach torment
  • has been harmed in a significant vehicle mishap
  • has imploded unexpectedly or blacked out
  • unexpectedly implodes or falls
  • is encountering weighty or wild dying
  • has at least one broken bone

At the point when the Ambulance shows up, the rescue vehicle officials or paramedics who go to will evaluate you. You may be treated nearby or they could conclude you should be taken to Hospital or clinic. Then again, you may be alluded to other medical care administrations.

The individual who answers your call on 9810224875 will ask you inquiries to conclude whether it is a crisis.

In the event that they consider it is a crisis, they will send a rescue vehicle. They could likewise offer emergency treatment guidance on what to do until the rescue vehicle shows up. Assuming this is the case, you really should heed the guidance.

On the off chance that they consider it’s anything but a crisis, they could move you to a healthdirect enrolled nurture. They will actually want to give you telephone help.

ALS implies Advance Life Support and BLS implies Basic life Support. ALS and BLS are both life supporting component yet one is simply fundamental and the other one is progressed.

Both the BLS and ALS are intended for pre-emergency clinic life backing and transportation of a patient to the clinic. A BLS unit will have two Emergency clinical Technicians. Then again, an ALS unit will have a paramedic separated from the
Crisis clinical Technician.

One of the primary distinctions between Advance Life Support and Basic life Support is that the last option is harmless. This implies that a BLS can’t utilize needles and different gadgets that makes cuts in the skin. The BLS suppliers can’t manage meds. Then again, An ALS supplier can give infusion and even regulate medicine to a patient. An ALS can give essential treatment in the event of cuts or wounds while a BLS individual doesn’t reserve the option to make it happen.

Not at all like the BLS unit, an ALS unit will be furnished with aviation route hardware, heart life support, cardiovascular screens and glucose testing gadget. An individual with an AlS unit needs to go through more preparation than an individual in the BLS unit.

Fundamental life Support can be called as the initial step of treatment. An individual who has taken BLS illustrations know how to give help to a patient. Each individual can take BLS examples, which doesn’t keep going for a long time. The Advance Life Support illustrations are for the most part liked by specialists, attendants and the para doctor staff.

While looking at ALS and BLS, the previous one gives greater treatment choices.


AlS implies Advance Life Support and BLS implies Basic life Support.
A BLS unit will have two Emergency clinical Technicians. Then again, an ALS unit will have a paramedic separated from the Emergency clinical Technician.
A BLS supplier can’t utilize needles or different gadgets that makes cuts in the skin. The BLS suppliers can’t manage meds. Then again, An ALS supplier can give infusion and even regulate medicine to a patient.
An ALS supplier can give essential treatment in the event of cuts or wounds while a BLS individual doesn’t reserve the option to make it happen.
Dissimilar to the BLS unit, an ALS unit will be furnished with aviation route gear, cardiovascular life support, heart screens and glucose testing gadget.
An individual with an AlS unit needs to go through more preparation than an individual in the BLS unit.

Air Ambulance, is a flight or helicopter administration used to rapidly move badly, harmed, or health related crisis requesting patients starting with one spot then onto the next securely. They are loaded with fundamental clinical instruments, units, hardware, and machines. The air rescue vehicle is additionally loaded with authorized clinical specialists and life saviour equipments alongside basic consideration medical caretakers and paramedical staff. IV liquids and oxygen for little children and elderly folks individuals are given by The Cardiac Ambulance, an organization like we’re working in shipping patients and its committed staff is accessible for you all day, every day to assist with planning itinerary items.

Air Ambulance likewise helps individuals who are looking for clinical assistance in an alternate country which is a shaft separated from the local nation, so an emergency vehicle is explicitly used to ship an individual to an alternate country. Air Ambulance organizations generally favor the clinical group who have at least 3-5 years of ICU or CCU experience.

  • For Organ transplant 
  • Life-threatening accidents
  • Heart attack
  • Burn consisting of 50% or more of total body surface area
  • Excessive bleeding in any particular area or in multiple areas
  • Extremely low oxygen level than normal
  • Dangerous head injury
  • High blood pressure,  gestational diabetes, preterm labor possibility or miscarriage fear in pregnant ladies
  • When the brain’s blood supply and oxygen decreases
  • It helps patients living in rural or remote areas where either hospital is far or not available at all.
  • Also helps hill station people 
  • The absence of facilities or doctors for some conditions in some hospitals demands the need for an air ambulance
  • It has the capability of covering more distance in less time because air ambulance doesn’t have to deal with traffic.


The main benefit of an air emergency vehicle is that it can work at any spot, all over. Many individuals believe that air ambulances can’t work in places. Where the street condition is exceptionally awful. However, this is off-base. However, gridlock, as well as street conditions, are the root reasons. For what reason do a large number of us incline toward air ambulances.

Not just this it can make a trip to any city whenever and arrive at the objective inside as far as possible. You won’t confront any defer like an ordinary street rescue vehicle administration. The motivation behind each air emergency vehicle is to take the patients to the medical clinic on time.

In a nation like India, air ambulances are giving. To ship basic patients with next to no issue. At the point when a significant occurrence occurs in India. We frequently see that they are being moved through air ambulances. However, presently any individual can get himself transported. Air Ambulance Service will take full consideration of the patients. By offering the best support in season of emergency.

Air ambulances can travel extremely quick which is truly necessary during a health related crisis. They can ship the patients to the ideal objective. This is on the grounds that the aviation routes are not blocked and arrive at the objective inside a couple of moments. Subsequently air rescue vehicle administrations are acquiring a great deal of notoriety in a limited capacity to focus time.

The following benefit of an air rescue vehicle is that it has greater limit. The normal contract trips of India. They are huge in size and can cover significant distances in a brief time frame. This is on the grounds that a great deal of clinical gear should be introduce in an air emergency vehicle. Before it can take a basic patient. This is the very thing that makes Air Ambulance not the same as other flight administrations.

Since air ambulances can move patients. They can save many lives by moving patients to the clinic in a more limited period.

Turbo prop rescue planes – This is otherwise called a revolving Wing air rescue vehicle, a helicopter comes in this class. This type is extremely helpful to cover a brief distance and looking for a somewhat low-estimated air emergency vehicle. The imperative thing about rotating or turboprop planes is it can land in restricted spaces like short streets, little bodies of land, towns, and so forth. Additionally, it can land close to the medical clinic which saves the hour of patient and sidekick. The fundamental point is to move patients who require a crisis unit.

Stream Aircraft – Also known as a fixed-wing air rescue vehicle, the greatest advantage is it is entirely agreeable and liberal in size with the goal that patients can be effectively and securely shipped. It is more secure and stable than a helicopter with regards to weather conditions is sub optimal. It is less uproarious and troublesome so patients with ear issues (old ones) can unwind. As it is exceptionally open, more number of clinical specialists can be taken to give suitable treatment.Turbo

Salient Features

Trade Mark Registered

“The Cardiac Ambulance” is one of the most reputed Ambulance service providers in Delhi and outside, registered with ‘Trade Marks Registry’ of the country, an ISO 9001:2015 certified and having MSME certificate, since 2008.

All Legal Protocols

This is the only company, which has got the registration of all it’s vehicles from Delhi and follow all the norms and protocols made by ‘Committee for registration of Ambulances’, Health and Family welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Experienced Staff

It has an experience of shifting more than 25,000 critically ill patients and providing world class ambulance services in ACLS ambulances via road and Air. It stands forth in terms of provision of specialized services and is highly equipped to meet specific purposes and demands of those requiring critical care all round the clock.


The trustworthiness of the same does not require us to mention that we have been serving consistently well to a number of prestigious hospitals including Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Medanta “The Medicity”, Neonest Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Maharaja Agarsen Hospital, Sehgal Neo Hospital, Saroj Hospital and Fortis Escorts to name a few.

Available for care

Needless to mention, we work tirelessly, 24 hours a day. To add on to the asset features of TCA, we are pleased to mention that our Ambulance Medical System provides seamless and appropriate care as per the international norms blended into Indian circumstances in coherence with psycho understanding of the masses here

Care with Compassion

This service is not our means of making a living; instead, it is our way of life and passion. We work at our level best in order to add a spirit of compassion to our job. It is considered a prime responsibility, that the care we provide does not fall inferior to the expectations of the family members and loved ones of those under concern


Best Air Ambulance Services in Delhi

Air Ambulance is an exceptionally outfitted airplane that transports harmed and sick individuals in health related crisis over distance, whether it is your home or hospital.

Ventilator Air Ambulance Delhi

Longest Ambulance in Delhi

Ambulance with critical care unit.

AIR Ambulace, Rail Ambulance and Road Ambulance

Number Speaks

How many patients whether in any situation or condition, whether at any critical condition, We can't resist off to perform our Duties any time.

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Some of our work

A call was received to transfer a patient to Delhi at a Neuro centre from some rural area at Dabawali, Haryana (about 350 Kms from Delhi), who was admitted at a local Psychiatric and Neuro care Centre. The history provided to us was that, the patient is having recurrent episodes of seizure like activities, irrelevant body movements and behavior. We reached the centre in next 6 hours from Delhi and reassessed the patient. The patient was hypertensive and obese. He had h/o some head injury, about 6 years back (recovered completely). At present he was on anti-psychotic and anti-epileptic treatment for last few days, since he was admitted at that centre. After complete history and assessment, an ECG was taken and found to have intermittent sinus arrest with pauses of about 10-12 seconds and at the same time, the patient develops seizure like activity (because of cerebral hypoxia). He was then immediately shifted to the ambulance after informed consent. External pacemaker and oxygen support via mask were applied immediately, which is available in the van and the patient became asymptomatic. He was successfully transferred to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi; where his immediate temporary pacemaker implantation was done. He underwent permanent pacemaker implantation and was satisfactorily discharged after 5 days of hospitalization.

There was a call from Shri Nagar, Tihri Garwal, U.P.(320 Kms from Delhi); to shift a patient from Base Hospital to Max Hospital, Patpat Ganj. The history of the patient was that, she is a known case of Hypertension, DM type II with mild Diabetic Nephropathy and she developed UTI with sepsis with severe metabolic acidosis with ARF with fluid overload with respiratory distress. We confirmed the call, and reached Shri Nagar in next 7 hours. The patient was still in respiratory distress and very restless. It was very difficult to shift the patient from that place to Delhi in such a bad condition. We took the charge of the patient and with consent of the relatives and family members; we paralyzed, intubated and put her on Ventilatory support. Patient’s tachycardia settled down, she started maintaining SpO2 with 60% of FiO2 and became hemodynamically stable after few minutes. All other medications like diuretics, NaHCO3 infusion and others were already been started. Then we took the patient in the Ambulance and shifted her satisfactorily to the destination. The follow up of the patient was taken and found that she recovered completely after 10 days of hospitalization.


Another call was received late night, to transfer a patient from a hospital at Panipat, Haryana to Delhi; who is having severe chest pain for last 1 hour and diagnosed to have acute Antero-Septal wall MI. All the immediate medications were given at that centre except for thrombolysis (it was not available at that centre and all the chemists’ shops were closed). We reached that place in next 1 ½ hours and took the patient in our van, after informed consent of relatives and doing other formalities. We took the thrombolytic agent along with us and thrombolysed the patient in the ambulance itself. Patient’s symptoms disappeared after a short while and started feeling better. After reaching the Destination successfully at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, a repeat ECG was taken, which was found absolutely normal (successful recanalization of the vessel). Later on his coronary angiography and angioplasty were done at that hospital.

A 1 day old premature baby was to be shifted from a rural area near Hisar, Haryana (about 200 Kms from Delhi), as he was diagnosed with TGA (transposition of great arteries) along with other congenital abnormalities, desaturating and developed B/L pneumonitis with respiratory distress and needs Ventilatory support. We reached there in next 3 hours; reassess the newborn, intubated and put him on ventilator after discussing with the concerned consultant in Delhi. We shifted him satisfactorily to Delhi and the child recovered fully, underwent cardiac surgery and discharged after 23 days of hospital stay and care.

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