ACLS Ambulance in Delhi

ACLS (Advance cardiac life support) ambulance: Eight vehicles: The vehicle that is used to shift the patients is Force Tempo Traveler 3350 BS IV ambulances. This fully air conditioned vehicle carries in it the most sophisticated ICU equipments which are as follows-

All the vehicles are registered from Delhi and follow all the norms made by ‘Committee for registration of Ambulances’ Health and Family welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Multiple syringe pumps to infuse the medications on a constant rate and to provide complete hospitalized treatment even during transportation.

Multipara Monitors (8.4 and 3.7 inch screen) with all the five parameters (NIBP, SPO2, ECG, Temperature and Respiratory Rate), optional ETCO2 monitoring and with printer.

Biphasic Defibrillator (Hp Codemaster), Philips (Heartstart XL), AED with external pacemaker and printer, to deal with serious cardiac patients at distant places, where such facility is not available. Moreover these equipments are useful in transferring patients with complete heart block, acute MI and with recurrent cardiac arrhythmias. Cardiac defibrillators are now mandatory at all public places by Delhi government.

Versamed I-Vent 101 and 201 (Wipro GE), Resmed Elisee complete ICU ventilators with all the three (compatible eight) modes of ventilation, i.e. CMV, SIMV, CPAP and are pediatric and neonate compatible. The ventilators have about 2 to 6 hours of battery backup to deal with any kind of emergencies even during unfavorable conditions. Moreover these ventilators are suitable for shifting patients by air.

Temporary pacemaker pulse generator with leads, introducer sheaths and sterilized pace-maker/ dressing set, so that, temporary pacemaker implantation can be done in the ambulance van itself through subclavian or jugular approach in case of emergency.

Transporting foldable stretcher, wheel chair, spine board and Scoop stretcher.

Suction machine for unconscious and intubated patients.

Two D-type and one A-type oxygen cylinders which are available in all vehicles for continuous oxygen supply for more than 24 hours.

Equipped with emergency warning lights, sirens, adequate illumination inside the vehicle and tele-communication equipments.

Other necessary equipments like laryngoscope, all sizes of endo-tracheal tube, temporary pacemaker (optional), finger probe pulse oxymeter, Ambubags, Bain’s circuit, nebulizer, Glucometer, oxygen masks and nasal prongs etc.

All sorts of cardiac, non-cardiac and emergency medicines, which are checked on daily bases. (the contents in the vehicle- A separate sheet attached)

BLS Ambulance

BLS (Basic life support) patient transport vehicle : It is an A/C Maruti ECCO vehicle, containing one / two ‘A’ type oxygen cylinders, an emergency kit for small traumas and a fixed stretcher to shift non-critical patients from one hospital to another, from hospital to home after discharge, OPD consultation. These are small vehicles, which can be used for shifting stable patients, who do not require continuous medical attention. A technician can be provided along with small medical equipments like portable suction machine, oxygen cylinder with tubings, finger probe pulse-oxymeter and battery operated blood pressure machine, to give best possible medical care to the patient.

Highly qualified and experienced staff/ Technicians

The staff members involved in the team are trained as per the standard norms and have are experienced enough to act wisely in the moments of crisis. They are thorough professionals who have proved their competence at various instances and can be fully relied upon. They possess highly advanced credentials including CPR, BLS, ATLS training and others. They are trained in emergency medicine with fruitful and creditable experience in transportation medicine.


All the facilities provided are upgraded by our doctors to maintain compatibility with ever changing needs and standards. The accompanying doctors are qualified in emergency medicine from reputed universities across the globe, possess membership of RCGP, U.K., and have long term experience in transport medicine; road and air ambulance and international air repatriation. Our doctors have privileged many hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Max Hospitals, Fortis group of hospitals, Jeewan Mala Hospital, Maharaja Agarsen Hospital, Pentamed Hospital and others by their tireless and efficient services.

Whats makes us the best choice?

the high quality service provided by us just by attitude, the directional use of our experience with dedication, maintenance of modern standards, uncompromised provision of the best service to the patients, economicity and an extra ordinarily short response time separates us from the rest and raises our bar of standards above all. We have shifted successfully a lot of cardiac, non cardiac patients, patients on invasive, non- invasive ventilation, patients on TPI pulse generator and new born children on ventilator from one hospital to other.

Our Specifications, which separates us from others:

New vehicles (two 2015, two 2016, one 2017 and two 2018 models).

1400 Kva inverter system, which is compatible for operating machines requiring high electrical power, like Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), Dialysis machine, Incubators for neonates and heating pads.

Complete ICU ventilators with all the modes of ventilation, able to deliver high PEEP, suitable for transferring any kind of patient and have a good battery backup of about 6 hours.

Ventilators for transferring premature neonates (Delivers tidal volume as low as 20 ml/ breath)

Two-three syringe pumps in each ACLS vehicle. The number can be increased on demand.

Biphasic defibrillators, AED with external pacemaker in each ambulance.

Regular/ Daily check up (quantity, expiry date) of all the medications and equipments.

Regular disinfectant measures in the ambulances.

Regular ambulance servicing (each after 7,500 Kms.), checkups and routine precautionary measures.

Regular up-gradation of ambulance doctors and staff pertaining to new guidelines in medical field to provide world class medical management.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine in ambulance.

All the vehicles are registered from Delhi and follow all the norms made by ‘Committee for registration of Ambulances’, Health and Family welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Air Ambulance

We are specialized in lifting of patients by air from various destinations, national and international, using Helicopters and small chartered aircrafts/ planes which can definitely add another facility officially in our records. The critically ill patients can be transferred by air in a commercial as well as in chartered planes, along with complete medical care (including specialized doctors, staff nurse, technician, and all medical equipments) depending upon the need of the particular patient. The chartered aircrafts that are used to transfer such patients are C-90, Pilatus PC12, B-200, Hawker, Citation-II, and many more. Commercial flights can be arranged depending upon the availability of flights and general condition of the patient. Helicopters can also be used to transfer less critical patients and for a smaller distance.

Rail Ambulance

Rail ambulance service is basically ambulance service provided through rail as it is considered to be one of the fastest modes of transportation of patients from one place to another. Rail ambulance is mostly used when a patient is in critical condition and proper medical facilities are not available to his or her nearby area then it is used to transport the patient fastly to the suitable location where the patient can be treated or his or her treatment is available. The Cardiac ambulance provides you an ambulance near me at your one call which will pick patients from their doorstep to our Rail ambulance which are equipped with many medical equipment like ventilators, oxygen support, ICU beds with assistance of ICU experts and many more facilities. Our Rail ambulance also has AC compartments that make patients and their families more relaxed and comfortable during patient transport journeys.


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